7 Ways to Make Sure Your Post is Seen

If you’ve tried putting a link on an Instagram post, you probably noticed that the link won’t work. Maybe you’ve also noticed that putting link on a Facebook post made your engagement go wayyyy down. You’re not the only one. The reason for that is that Facebook and Instagram don’t particularly like it when you intentionally redirect people to an external website.

If you must put a link, then you can easily promote your post on Instagram for as low as $2 per day.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Say you want to put a YouTube link about your latest music video, but you don’t want your engagement to go down and have to pay ads. You have two options at this point. Either you upload the video directly to the platform, such as Facebook, and add up your views on YouTube and Facebook OR you put the link and pay for ads. Your best bet is to go with the former.

Apart from the link, here are six more tips to make your post more appealing.

#2 Add Photos. Adding a picture to what you have to say will make your story 50% more compelling. Images and graphics bring something extra to your post and algorithms promote these posts more than the plain text ones. Pictures of people and without text are typically the ones that get the most engagement.

#3 Compelling Captions. Now that you have a cool picture, video, or graphic art, you should focus on a caption or text that complements your picture well. Whether you come up with a clever one-liner or a story, make sure it’s interesting and valuable information to your fans.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

#4 Hashtags. Ahh yes, the hashtags….the most dreaded part of any post. Hashtags link similar posts together, so relevant keywords will make your posts stand out from the other ones.

#5 Headlines. If you are posting a video on Facebook, you’ll notice that it allows you to write a headline. This is your moment to write super clever and attention-grabbing headline that will make people stop and take a look.

#6 Buttons. Last but not least, Facebook also allows you to add a button at the bottom of your post. This button is a call to action enticing people to send you a message and interact with you. If you run an add on Instagram, you’ll notice that the buttons available are short and straightforward. Keep that in mind when you write your headlines too.

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